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Term 1 2020

The K/1/2 class has had a positive start to their learning this year. They are enjoying getting to know each other and helping the Kindergarten students learn classroom and school routines.

Reading has taken off as they get ready for The Premier’s Reading Challenge in March. Students are participating in the Home Reading Program, borrowing books weekly from the School Library and also from the visiting Library Van. They have also been focusing on improving their reading stamina as they learn to read quietly.

If students are interested in borrowing books please send a library bag in on Mondays as they visit the school library and continue develop their love of reading with Miss Harris.


Some of the students in the K/1/2 class have been reading information about Venus Flytraps. They have also been developing their research skills using the laptops to extend their knowledge. Layla brought in a Venus Flytrap to school to show the rest of class and has kindly donated it. Thank you, Layla. I hope it catches lots of flies!